Ten facts about website development everyone should know

Website development refers to the process of building, creating and maintaining websites. Learning web development is not hard; it is easy to set up, you get instant results, and there’s plenty of online training available for developing a website. There are millions of websites on the internet, and every one of them is created by the web developers with the originality and creativity to put together the information, artwork, and animation combined with a theme to sell something, inspire someone or persuade somebody to take some action. 

However, there are some interesting facts everyone should know about website development. 

  1. Your website needs to be updated regularly as the web browsers and devices that are used to access the internet are always evolving and changing. It will help you remain current and relevant. Even a two years old site may be antiquated if it is not kept up with the changes. 
  2. Your website looks different on different browsers which means when you look at a website from your home computer using Google Chrome, it might be a completely different experience than your friend has when she browses the same website through an android phone or other browsers. 
  3. The source code of your website plays a major role in influencing your search engine ranking. Search engines are crucial for any website as they drive traffic to your website. The way your website is coded will help an audience to find your website more easily. 
  4. Multimedia content such as images and videos can have both negative and positive impacts on your websites, and if they are not used properly then they can damage the performance of your website. Therefore a web developer should use images and videos that are optimised for websites. 
  5. Mobile designs and responsive designs are different from each other. Mobile designs can be restrictive while responsive designs are generally flexible and can adapt to their environment while maintaining the same images, typefaces and navigational properties. 
  6. The design of your website influences visitor behaviour. If your website doesn’t provide a visitor with adequate and relevant information then he is not going to stay for long on your website. 
  7. Impactful website design can cost you between $500 to $5000 and; the cost depends based on time needed to complete the task as well as the amount of workforce for the same. 
  8. Your involvement with your website can be restricted by the templates as pre-packaged templates often allow anyone to create a website with little to no coding knowledge, which means your site may be painted into a corner. 
  9. Colours can also affect the personality of your websites. From a web developer’s perspective, white yellow and pink are perceived as sincere and pure, red, orange and yellow induce energy and excitement whereas brown and blue show competence. 
  10. Good website design is one of the crucial factors which make a person decide the credibility of a business, and if your website doesn’t appeal them then they can leave it before 10 seconds.

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