Video & Photography


Creative Videos and Photographers

Our Videos and Photography team has skilled people who understand the workings of a visual medium. We have a great line of certified photographers and videographers for the job. Our team understands the promotional business very well.


Modern Equipment and software

Latest camera and tools are used to create your videos and photographs. We provide our video and photography team with the best equipment to shoot. Modern software is used to edit and create videos and photographs for our clients.


Quality Content

We use original content for our videos and photographs. First, we understand the requirements of your business only then our skilled team uses innovative ideas to create visual content. Our creators apply promotional strategies while creating content to promote your business.

Impact Of Visuals

Visuals are the best medium to communicate with your audience. At Edgy Scribblers, we give you the service of portfolio shoots including video and photography. We believe that the best way to promote any business is through videos and images. A great video or image catches everyone’s attention and is the best tool to promote any business. In this age, social media is ruling every aspect of our lives. The visual content on social media and website helps in building the brand image of the business and gathers more traffic. The portfolio helps in building any business. It builds customers trust in your company and helps in increasing your business. We take care of every aspect of video, portfolio and photograph creation for our client. Our video and photography team understand the workings of the visual medium world and works accordingly to promote our client’s business in the best possible way.




Includes real estate photoshoot, product photoshoot, fashion, food photography

Budget Planning

We have a qualified team to manage the budget of every project. Our team takes care of the budget planning before initiating your project. We follow a transparent system that allows the client to know where their money is being spent.