Myths about content writing and reality

In today’s world, it is becoming difficult for us to differentiate between noise and information. For the brands or organisations, it is imperative to reach out to as many people as possible; therefore, they must plan a strategy that not only helps them to enhance their brand image but also the number of visitors on their sites. Initially, no one was aware of the impact of high-quality content on image building, but today everyone knows that ‘Content is King.

Customers have multiple devices and a large number of channels to consume information. As content marketers, it is our task to make sure that content creates value both for the brand as well as the consumer. Content marketing is beneficial for a business in several ways, and some of the key benefits are mentioned below: 

  • Effective content helps to build brand awareness to expand the customer base and enter new markets. 
  • It helps generate leads for a business. 
  • Content marketing provides valuable information to consumers.
  • It generates sales via online and offline channels. 

It is believed that by 2020, content marketing will be a crucial factor in the success of any business. However, content marketers are finding it hard to figure out what works, what doesn’t, what best practice is, and what examples to follow. 

So there are some of the ‘content marketing myths’ and their realities we would like you to have a look at:

  1. You need big budgets and big teams to make your marketing strategy successful: This is a complete myth, and you do not need a large amount of money to create quality content. If your content is effective, then your strategy is going to work. 
  2. Viral content is the real content: That’s not true, I mean if your content goes viral, then it is fantastic, but a simple yet highly effective content can also do wonders for you. 
  3. Content marketing means adding more and more content to your website: Indeed, publishing content frequently can have a positive effect on website traffic levels, but it will not lead to improved business outcomes. One should focus on quality and not quantity. 
  4. The real motive of content marketing is to improve SEO: For many brands, this may be true, and content marketing can have a positive effect on your SEO, but content marketing is much more than that. Quality content not only builds the reputation of your brand but also increases customer loyalty. 
  5. If a company website has a blog, then it means their content marketing strategy is highly effective: Blog content is good, but not everyone is interested in reading blogs. Some people like to focus on infographics, while others may prefer to read about the finer detail. 

Therefore you should not focus on the myths rather focus on improving the quality of your content. By providing high-quality content to your audience, your brand becomes a trusted source of reliable information. Effective content marketing strategies can drive more traffic to your website, improve your keyword rankings and help you build backlinks.

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