Clutch Names Edgy Scribblers to List of India’s Top B2B Agencies

We’re excited to announce that Edgy Scribblers has been named to Clutch’s annual list of the top B2B agencies in India. After starting off with only a content writing service, we’ve expanded to into a fully capable marketing agency that now offers digital, strategy, graphic design, and photo and video production. We’ve come a long way!

Clutch is a B2B ratings and reviews platform located in Washington, D.C. Their analysts conduct interviews with vendors’ past clients over the phone. These verified reviews are weighted heavily when determining their rankings which also take into account the market presence, awards, and work experience of each vendor. Our clients have said great things about us which has resulted in Clutch naming us one of Delhi’s best branding agencies. Here’s the overview of our most recent review:

Clutch runs two other sites that also help companies connect with highly-rated vendors. With reviews like the one shown above, it’s no surprise they feature us, too.

The first is called The Manifest and publishes business news and insights so that companies can be more successful in their industries. We’re found on their page that lists the top branding agencies in India.

The other, named Visual Objects, hosts vendor portfolios. It lets branding companies like ourselves showcase our work on past projects to potential clients.

Again, we’d like to thank Clutch for recognizing our quality work and growth. We’d also like to thank our clients who took the time to review us on their platform. If you are looking for a branding agency or any other assistance with your marketing, reach out to us today!

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