Content Marketing and its importance in the businesses

Content marketing is a strategic approach to drive the target audience to your site, which in turn increases leads and sales. There are various platforms such as websites, social media sites, email newsletters, and digital campaigns on which you can generate interest in your products and services by telling impactful […]

Clutch Names Edgy Scribblers to List of India’s Top B2B Agencies

We’re excited to announce that Edgy Scribblers has been named to Clutch’s annual list of the top B2B agencies in India. After starting off with only a content writing service, we’ve expanded to into a fully capable marketing agency that now offers digital, strategy, graphic design, and photo and video […]

8 Grammatical blunders that writers commit unknowingly!

It is important to write without committing any grammatical errors. When you receive a letter or email with grammatical errors and typos in it, do you take it seriously? Probably not. Any written document, email and letter with typos and grammatical errors in it will create problems for you. E-mails […]