Myths about content writing and reality

In today’s world, it is becoming difficult for us to differentiate between noise and information. For the brands or organisations, it is imperative to reach out to as many people as possible; therefore, they must plan a strategy that not only helps them to enhance their brand image but also […]

Use 5 simple web content writing tips for digital space

Content is the king in business world. Content creation isn’t an easy task, a person has to be smart and intelligent enough to write fluent & informative content. On one hand, good content can bring traffic to a website and contribute to its success, and on the other hand, if […]

Tips and tricks to avoid plagiarism!

Plagiarism is an unethical practice that every writer loathes. There’s nothing worse than finding your work published under someone else’s name. So, what is plagiarism and how it can affect a writer? Plagiarism, in simple terms, is stealing someone else’s idea or work and presenting it as your own. All […]

Top 6 grammar pet peeves!

Although writing world is extremely accommodating and forgiving towards new writers, there are a few grammatical mistakes that irk even the most patient and saint-like readers and writers – the grammar pet peeves. Grammar is an essential tool in every walk of life and we are judged all the time […]