6 Golden rules of article writing

Article writing requires two things – good content and good technique. Anyone can write good articles if they’ve enough talent and passion for it, but one should always keep some rules in mind before starting an article. Articles are the best way to drive traffic to a business website; there […]

5 Grammar myths that you will never fall for again!

Grammar is an essential part of content creation. The absence of grammatical errors make your content more credible. A person would react more strongly to your content if it’s written without any errors. Grammar can be tough. There are too many rules to remember and follow, but since childhood, we […]

8 Grammatical blunders that writers commit unknowingly!

It is important to write without committing any grammatical errors. When you receive a letter or email with grammatical errors and typos in it, do you take it seriously? Probably not. Any written document, email and letter with typos and grammatical errors in it will create problems for you. E-mails […]