6 Golden rules of article writing

Article writing requires two things – good content and good technique. Anyone can write good articles if they’ve enough talent and passion for it, but one should always keep some rules in mind before starting an article. Articles are the best way to drive traffic to a business website; there is a correlation between promotional articles and sales. It is much easier to attract people’s attention by posting articles on the website, and that is why it is a thriving business today. As the internet is taking over our lives, web content and article writing is flourishing like never before. It is one of the most sought out jobs nowadays. And it isn’t as difficult as we think it would be, one can easily write good and interesting articles if they follow certain tips for article writing.

So, follow these rules that will guarantee you a better success-rate with your article writing.

  • Compelling headline

Well, there’s nothing better than an interesting and compelling headline to attract your audience. One of the most important rules of article writing is to choose the topic wisely and create an interesting headline for it. Articles are a medium to attract traffic to a business website, and research shows that most people are likely to click on the article links with unique and interesting headlines. Another thing to keep in mind is that your headline should be short and precise. The headline should convey the crux of your article.

  • Fix your target keywords

You don’t have to be an SEO expert to figure out how keywords influence the reach of your article, especially if you’re writing it as a part of your content marketing strategy. Well-placed keywords can immensely influence the traffic your article receives on your website. So, invest your time wisely. Once you are clear about the topic of your article, spend some time researching the relevant keywords around it and start including them in your article.

  • Plan a layout

A good planning never goes waste and same applies to article writing as well. A good layout of your article is as important as ideas and content in article writing. So, before you sit down and start pouring words on a paper or word file, jot down all the important points and create a structure for your article. And the most important thing is to not lose your main idea in the middle of everything else. Keep your headline as your main inspiration and weave your words around it.

  • Use “Inverted-pyramid” model for your writing

One thing we’re certain about is that web readers have the attention span of a goldfish. It is extremely difficult to hold the attention of the readers for more than a few seconds, and that is why one should always follow the ‘Inverted-pyramid’ model while writing an article. This means that one should convey the most important information at the beginning of the article, then gradually drill down to more supporting, specific information. End with tangential details.

  • Have your own voice

It is easy to lose your voice when you’re surrounded by the opinions of millions of people on the internet. As writers, we know that the best way to write an article is to do the research properly by reading as much as we can, but sometimes we lose track of our own voice and get bogged down by opinions of others. So, don’t lose track of who you are and what you stand for. Focus on your instincts and your ideas, and pour your heart on the paper.

  • Proofread your article

Proofread your article once you’re done writing it. Wonder why? Well, because you’re a human being and you tend to make mistakes no matter how good a writer you are. Even the best of the writers proofread their work themselves or ask someone else do it for them. And if you think proofreading is a tedious task for you, then it’s good that we no longer live in the 80s. Today, there are various grammar checkers on the internet to help you out of your misery. So, don’t be overconfident, and use a good grammar checker to proofread your article before its submission. If you’re still apprehensive then check out our article-  Online Grammar Checkers can Make a Writer’s Life Easy.

We hope these rules will help you understand the process of article writing. Follow these rules, but above all- follow your heart, voice your opinions through your articles, and write the content that would enhance your writing skills along with benefiting the company you’re writing for. Happy writing!

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