5 Tips to write an seo friendly article

Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important aspects of article writing. In today’s world, the success of any business is driven by the value of its content. Apart from having good and meaningful content, a business must have good SEO strategies. Search engine optimization helps immensely in the process of link building. Any business survives and flourishes in today’s market only if the SEO marketing strategy of the company is good enough. So, content writers should be aware of the tips and tricks to write good, SEO friendly content. In today’s world of technology, the internet is already filled with thousands of articles on the same topic. So, there are high chances that your article will go missing if the critical SEO elements are not kept in mind while creating your piece of writing.

We know that Search Engine Optimization sounds rather complicated, but trust us when we say that it is not. It’s actually easier than you think! You just have to follow these simple tips to write an SEO friendly article.

  • Relevant Content and Title for SEO

We are very serious when we say that ‘Content is the king’. Content is one of the most important aspects of article writing. Your content should be unique, engaging and relevant to the audience. It is common for writers to reach the opposite extreme in this regard and provide content that is rich in keywords but has no value whatsoever. Always remember that you are not writing for the search engines but for the people. Your content should hold some value for the people who read your content. Give utmost importance to your content, and along with it choose a title that is relevant to your topic as well as compelling. Your title should catch as many eyeballs as possible.

  • Keyword Distribution

The most important mantra before writing an article should be to assign relevant target keywords.  This is a techy and tricky part of writing such an article. The proper way to distribute keywords is to make them look as natural as possible, your keywords should not look forced. Always do your research before writing an article. Research about the important keywords relevant to your topics before assigning them to any content.

  • Multiplicity of Keywords

Most readers scan an article before inverting their time in reading it. They will look for clues to know whether your content is relevant to the information that they require, and for that, they will scan the area of your article that search engines usually scan- title, headings, bullet points, links, and bold texts. So, the best way to convince a reader that your article has relevant information is to use your keywords in these areas. Place your keyword in your title, headings, and in the first and the last paragraph of your article.

  • Don’t abuse keywords

An overdose of anything isn’t good, and the same applies to keywords as well. The most common mistakes that writers make is that they overdo the usage of keywords in their articles. Always set a limit to the repetition of keywords. Never cheat your readers by serving them a bunch of keywords strung together as an article. Provide your readers the content and the information that they require.

  • Proof Read your Content

Now, this is the most common but most important advice that one should follow while writing an article. Proofreading is the last phase of your article writing, but it’s as important as any other part of writing. Always make an effort to check your article for misspelled words or any grammatical errors, and if this is a trivial task for you then assign it some other person or use a grammar checker to proofread your content. Don’t be overconfident when it comes to writing, because, even the best of the writers are not all perfect. We’re all human beings after all.

With these 5 tips in mind, you will be able to write a good SEO friendly article. We’re sure these tips will help your articles spread faster and rank better in the search engine world.  

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